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Kheir Consulting
Marketing and Strategy

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Services Offered

Kheir Consulting is a company specializing in strategy and marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The services offered include a comprehensive big picture approach to your business needs.


  • Are you looking for a better way of reaching your customers?
  • Do you want to know why your customers buy from you?
  • Do you want to know why your customers SHOULD buy from you?
  • Do you want to know how to set yourself apart from your competition?
  • Are you looking to increase profits?
  • Existing Businesses - Start-Ups - New Product/Service - Turnarounds


Marketing Strategy Development

This answers the 'why' factor. Knowing 'why' your business is doing what it is doing is generally more important than knowing how.

Marketing Plan Development

This answers the 'how' factor. Once you know why your business is doing what it is doing, the proper integration of the a proper marketing plan is crucial to success.

Marketing Collateral Development

Collateral is typically something that you/client hold in your hands such as flyers, brochures, and sales packages. Generally, part of the marketing strategy will include points and key messages. Being able to bring those messages into a coherent and concise format is often elusive. Kheir Consulting can assist with all aspects of an integrated marketing campaign. As well, we work with very talented graphic artists and can bring you a single point of contact for all collateral development.

Business Plan Development/Writing

A business plan is one of the most crucial tools needed for business success. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive functional plan or a simple plan framework to grow with, our experience and expertise can assist your company in establishing a sound foundation.

Market Research

Market research is important in answering many questions not only about the market, but more importantly, the people/companies that you will be dealing with. Getting demographic and psycho-graphic insight into a market is extremely important when launches new businesses, products and services but also important to do periodically in an established business so that shifts in a market are not missed. Two main problems with market research are 1) - what questions are being answered and 2) - how to interpret the data properly. Knowing the proper questions to answer leads to proper questioning of the market. Knowing how to properly glean insight from the data can lead to vastly different results from incorrect interpretation. Let Kheir Consulting assist in all aspects of market research, from surveys to focus groups, and have the tools you need for success.


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Services Offered,Kheir Consulting provides small and medium sized businesses with consulting in the areas of marketing and strategy.