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Financial Security To A Working Class Person
2011-09-27 20:02:35

People from all walks of life live to work in order to achieve their dreams and ambitions as not all of us are borne with a silver spoon in our mouths. Regardless of stature or disposition in life, it is somehow our gut instinct to do something to make our lives easier and comfortable to our liking. In doing so, we aim to get employment to get started. Unlike those who are borne rich, middle-class people learn to survive and get through every single ordeal on a daily basis because it?s what instinct tells them so. Financial security means a lot to those who persevere and sacrifice that in every chance they get, they make sure that every penny they earn go to something that will secure that stability. This can be in form of available cash or insurance among others. These hardworking people aim to get cash for gold or in any other form that is synonymous to liquidity to make up what they lack from. The idea of available or disposable money for employed middle-class people gives them the boost that they can achieve and do anything that they want with their hard-earned money. The first thing a middle-class person like me would usually do with the first pay is to treat myself to something that I have been yearning for and at the same time, something that is useful. The incoming pays will then be rationed according to house bills, payments on student loans and insurance for example while the remaining money is kept in a bank account for safekeeping. Until such time the finances are well enough to cover for things that are for leisure, I would still continue to work with my dreams to motivate me in giving the best effort in my current employment. Not all middle-class people think alike though. There are some who are the work hard, party harder type while there are also some who do not care a bit in unwinding from a hard day?s work. Regardless of how we, the working class people think, it all boils down to financial security as the way to achieve dreams and objectives in life. If cash for gold means liquidity, then I would definitely push myself in owning a few trinkets made in gold of the highest karat available to give me this kind of assurance. This kind of approach is somehow misinterpreted as greed for money and there?s no point of disagreeing. There seems to be a tendency for people to always ask for more in terms of material wealth, pushing them to the limit just to get what they want. In the end, contentment is never attained. It is not wrong to want for things that you do not have as long as you have the capacity and perseverance to reach for these. Everything should be done in moderation to make sure that you are in the right track on your ambitions in life because once you go off track; it is hard to get back and start all over again.

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Source: Financial Security To A Working Class Person


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