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Using Loans to Improve Credit Score
2011-09-27 07:55:36

There are a lot of people who have low credit score due to credit report errors, credit card abuse, excessive purchasing, loan transactions and a lot more. If you are one of these people, it is time for you to act now and make necessary steps in order to improve your credit score. One of the things that can greatly affect your credit score is the loans that you are making. The types of loans that you have made, your payment history as well as the amount of your debt greatly affect your credit score. Your score can also be affected by how long you have been dealing with loans. If you know how to manage your loans, it can be an asset to your score. But if you do not manage your loans, it can really pull your credit score down. If you have a poor deal on a loan most importantly in a home or car loan, you may want to refinance your loan. In addition to this, you if your credit score has increased because of your loan, you may also want to do some refinancing. In this process, you will get your loan to another lender in order to achieve better rates or terms. However, do not refinance your loans to often because it will only give you short-term relationships with your lenders. Remember that long-term loans and credit relationships are credit score boosters. If you go from one lender to another every so often, it will lead to more questioning. However, if you have a good reason for refinancing, doing so will assist you in paying off your debts. For instance, if you can get more affordable monthly bills, transferring from one lender to another is a better choice. By going towards a lower monthly bill and lower interest rate, you will be able to pay regularly. And by paying regularly, you will definitely increase your credit score. On a short term basis, refinancing can lower your credit score. But if you refinanced and got better terms, your credit score will greatly improve. If you were not able to pay for your monthly dues because of a high monthly bill or interest rate, refinancing can truly help you. This will definitely repair a bad credit because you can already afford to pay your monthly bill. You can also fix or repair a bad credit by applying for a loan. Many companies would not allow a person with a low credit score to avail of a loan. However, there are some companies that still serve loans for those who have bad credit. Getting a loan at this time will definitely mean a higher interest rate. But if you think of its long term effect, it can boost your credit score. If you can no longer afford to pay for your monthly bill, you can always refinance. Just remember not to refinance always so as to avoid being questioned so much. In addition, save money and be disciplined in purchasing products and other services if you want to improve your credit score a little more.

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Source: Using Loans to Improve Credit Score


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