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Starting an Online Beauty Magazine
2011-09-27 03:01:19

When you?re in the business of blogging about beauty, you must be prepared to go above and beyond to provide your readers with what they want. You want to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your blog and to keep coming back for more. So where do you begin? The first things you want to delve into are the topics that you will explore on your beauty blog. You will need to narrow your focus down to a few unique ones that you are willing to concentrate on the most. For instance, will you focus on makeup and skin care? Or will your ambition be to spotlight the hair and hair care? Whatever you choose, stick to it and get ready to provide your readers with some enjoyable and informative articles. What you want to avoid is stale topics. Do your research and find which topics are hot and which ones are not. Next, choose an alluring template that is magazine like. There are several templates available that offer your blog that magazine appeal. Once you?ve chosen your template, hire someone to design a customized logo. I suggest this as it will be unique to your blog, and you won?t find them on every other blog. Colors should be well coordinated and easy on the eyes. Sometimes busy designs will only discourage your readers from spending quality time on your blog. Your subsequent step should be to do your research on your topics and get all of the information that you need to write a decent amount of articles to give your readers an idea of what you will be blogging about. Granted, you should be well informed about your topics, and your research should only serve as embellishments. If you appear knowledgeable to your readers, you will be a viable source of information to them and they will come back for more. Once your beauty magazine is up and running, it is important for you to pay attention to your stats. What are your hot articles? Which ones are people spending more time reading? Once you?ve made these discoveries, you need to make those topics your future topics as well. Don?t focus on the topics that have lost the interest of everyone but you. Remember your purpose of an online magazine is to obtain readers that are entertained. So keep the hot topics rolling in! Provide lots of images to maintain your readers ?interest. Have you ever picked up a magazine with no pictures? I?m sure your first inclination would be to put it down and find something that appeals to your senses. Appeal to your reader?s senses by making your blog image- filled and stimulating. Be careful not to overload on lots of passive articles that have no relevance or are considered space fillers. It is not productive to fill space or waste reader?s time. Provide quality articles that are worthwhile. If you enjoy blogging, it will be more than clear to your readers, and it will be evident that your blog magazine is commendable! Enjoy your beauty magazine and keep up the good work!

Donna is the owner of the bhp black hair magazine online an informational blog for African American hair care.

Source: Starting an Online Beauty Magazine


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