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Affiliate Marketers Been Rip Off Big Time Exposed
2011-09-25 22:27:57

Beware all Affiliate market listen carefully,I am mad you are been lied and trick in to promoting your affiliate company products for free without even knowing it.If you think i am lieing, go to or and post your affiliates company advertising materials that you are promoting take their articles or email or sale letters or you can get any kinder of article copy and paste it or post your affiliated sale material and click publish on your squidoo stop and click preview and just see what happen to that page,some letters on that page are hyperlink and they will light up and stand out from all the other words.the words that light up are the links direct straight to your affiliated site, by passing your affiliate link with out giving you payment for that sale.I click on some of those words it went straight to their web site with out my clickbank affiliate i do not get paid they get paid the full price for their own product not paying me at all.this mean that i was Advertising for them for Free.That why you have to preview your work before you hit that Summit or Publish Button.And Edit and delete any words that light up in your preview,The first time i Discover this it was when i posted my affiliated product on and click on their publish button my affiliate company that i was promoting links was all over the whole page and my 1 little affiliate link was down on the bottown of the page.guess who link they was going to click on,The company link not my affiliate link. I tried to edit my squidoo page and delete all of those Hype link off the page.I must edit and delete the content on that page about 10 times.I got mad and delete everything and type my own content and publish it.The same thing happen on think if i had not went to I would not never discover this because i been posting since 2008 and i never every notice it mostly because i never PREVIEW my work Before i Would just hit the Summit or Publish Button and the ads are gone.I advise you not to use these marketing material your affiliate company give unless you either rewrite the material your self and preview it before you summit it it.Squidoo was the place i catch this trick.But you have to Preview your work after you finish it,Now i know why my Clickbank Affiliate Account stayed at $0.00 for a long time with all that posting and sending Traffic for nothing,I am not Trying to sell you any thing or promote Squidoo or Backpage because if it was not for Squidoo and their page they call lens i never would have discover this or catch on to what was happen.I know all the new affiliate are getting burn with this and a lot of them just gave up because they was not making any money now i see why. I will be creating a Blog or some kinder of sit to Expose this Trickery.I am still Posting and promoting as before if you want to check the product i am promoting you can do so with a Money Back Guarantee Clickbank will refund your money back if you do not like the product, if Clickbank did not do refund i would not promote none of their i said i am not here to sell you any thing.By me telling you this trick that going on i could charge money for it. I Leave you with all new Affiliated Market Beware.

Robert Morgan i wrote this because i seen and heard so many new affiliated marketer are just giving up on trying to do Affiliate marketing.I just want to tell the true why their affiliate acount is $0.00 all the time.i was shock when i found out. I am just a plain person

Source: Affiliate Marketers Been Rip Off Big Time Exposed


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