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Understanding the Importance of Leadership in Business- 4 Points
2011-08-25 03:00:53

There are so many aspects of running a business well. There are some qualities you absolutely need to have; one of these is a good leadership instinct. If you can lead your business through ups and downs alike, it is sure to succeed. Being a good leader also determines how much you can involve yourself in your work, and whether you like the work you do. Here are some questions you need to ask about your business and about yourself: ? Can you Learn to Lead? If you head your company, this is the question you have to find the answer to. Fortunately, finding the answer isn?t impossible. You can learn to lead, but there are things you need to follow and habits you need to set aside. A leader doesn?t think only for himself, he is the force behind the entire business. Therefore, to lead successfully, you have to forget your ego, and work for everybody in your company. Learn from the mistakes you made, acknowledge everybody?s efforts, and you will be the leader everybody would love to follow. Imbibing leadership qualities becomes easier when you have an example to follow. Is there anybody whose leadership you?ve admired? Then, it?s helpful to read up about him, and try to understand what made him successful. After you get a mentor, its time to answer these questions about leadership. o Leader Who is a leader? In the corporate world, a person is a leader when he is trustworthy, learned and skilled. He must be a good speaker who can enumerate the goals of his company in a positive way, at the same time, he must be open to the suggestions or views of others. Also, he must lead by example- by following the very codes of conduct he expects his subordinates to follow. Now, try and answer these questions in the light of the definition of a leader: 1.Have you ever thought why only a few leaders can induce others to follow them, by the virtue of their qualities? 2.Can you learn to lead, be a popular leader and attract your own loyal followers? o Teamwork As I said before, a leader doesn?t work for himself, but leads a group of people. Teamwork is thus a very important part of good leadership. The ideal environment for teamwork is one where every member of the team is made to feel that they will succeed. Reflect on whether you will be able to create that surrounding for your team in your business, where all are able to witness a change they are part of. You also have to assess the value of teamwork. o Communication Communication isn?t simply having a good relationship with everybody on the team, but ensuring you share your ideas, work for achieving a common end and most importantly, understand everybody you work with. Have you ever tried to know whether the team you lead shares a common ambition? Try to know the role communication plays in your business, and whether you?re able to communicate with everybody freely. In a business, you will learn a new moral everyday. In the same way, as a leader, you have to assess yourself everyday. Your decisions and ideas are the ones which will write the future of your business, so you have to take decisions with are supported by your conscience. Ethics plays an important role in corporate life. Being ethical is important not simply necessary for taking decisions, but also required for setting an example that will be followed by all. Being ethical is a daily process; you have to set a standard of ethics that nobody can flout under any circumstances. There are times in your work life when you have to take difficult decisions, which your ethics may not permit. Before you jump to a conclusion, think ethically and then take a decision. Most importantly, as a leader your ethical standards have to be constant and unwavering. Only then can you influence your subordinates to follow the same ethical standards and work for the greater good of the company.

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