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Internet Home Business Selling Goods on EBay
2009-12-30 14:08:10

Everyone?s heard about EBay, of course, the online marketplace where you can buy and sell goods of all shapes and sizes. What more and more people are realising, however, is that EBay and sites like it (such as Amazon Auctions and Craigslist) can be more than just an online flea market ? they can be a way to begin a very profitable home based business via the internet. You can sell used good, buy goods at wholesale prices, and use a drop-shipping service to source and supply your products. Of course, like any other home based internet business, you need a few tips to get started if you want to have a real chance of making serious money and having your auction selling becoming a real viable business opportunity. Research is a valuable tool. If you are intending to sell goods on EBay or any other online marketplace, it is not just advisable but essential to peruse the sites first and work out what price other people are selling similar goods for; there?s not a lot of point in selling your goods at a set price if fifty other sellers are offering it for considerably less. No one?s going to be making you rich that way. Research can also tell you how much interest there is in the kinds of goods you plan to sell ? items that are continually listed, with zero bids, are clearly not exactly selling like hot cakes, so why would you want to distribute those? Another tool is to avoid the ?bidding? option entirely and use the straightforward ?Buy it Now? alternative; then EBay or whatever place you are using becomes not so much an auction site as simply an online store where you set the price. It is very important to research shipping costs before you put your item or items up for sale. There is very little point in setting a price for your goods, only to then find that the cost of shipping (be it nationally or internationally) means that you are earning nothing or, even worse, actually putting you out of pocket when you should be making profits. Do a little homework ? pre-package your item, measure it, weigh it, and be certain how much it will cost to ship and include that in the overall price. The other main question if you are planning to sell goods on EBay or other auction sites, is of course ? what should you sell in the first place? If you just want to get a little extra pocket money, then there?s almost certainly some old junk around the house that you don?t want anymore, but someone else might. If you want to make a regular business out of internet selling, on the other hand, that?s a different matter. Think of your hobbies, or your skills. What could you offer, on a consistent basis, that people would be willing to pay for? Other options include buying products wholesale and then selling on these sites for a profit. The best advice, as is always the case with any home based business, is to find a niche and exploit it to the full. You?ll never be able to take on big business in the short term, but if you can find a small niche which you can be the big fish in, you?ll have a much greater chance of making real money via EBay and auction selling.

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