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You Don't Need to Speak to Every Attendee!
2009-08-23 17:21:42

Just because every attendee wants your attention does not mean you should give it. Your time is precious at the event and you need to maximize the return on your investment of time and money ? you will not do that by spending the only resource you truly have, ?time?, with attendees who are going to waste it. Classify attendees ? qualify them from the very beginning ? do not waste time. At the event you attend, an attendee has a burning need to give you a check and an order but you will never meet them because you are spending time talking to an attendee with two plastic bags full of free stuff and is looking to bag your fluffy toy that sits on the PC screen and marketing have decided is your giveaway. There are three attendee classifications; Type A These attendees want to buy and buy now ? they want your attention because they want to know who they are making the check out to. These get your attention and come first. Type B A type B attendee has an interest in your product or service but wants more information, a follow-up call, a sales presentation or something which is making an order right now conditional ? they may not have the buying authority but are researching for the decision-maker. These are attendees you are going to have to convert into sales ? you follow up as you say will and in a professional manner and you will be dealing with someone who is not simply asking for a company brochure they are going to throw in the trash without a second-glance. Type C These people are not in your target market ? they don?t have the money, they have no authority to order or buy, they have no or very little interest ? they are not worth speaking to! You need to avoid these people like the plague! Technique You start by looking to attract the Type A?s and this comes down to using a good display which is attractive and effective in attracting people?s attention. Use clear imagery and text to convey accurate descriptions and a definite outline of the benefits of your products and services and the type of customers who will benefit. This will immediately help to attract those attendees who are looking to use a company such as yours ? those with the buying need in their minds will instantly see the connection to your company as a possible or actual supplier. Provide good presentations ? you should rehearse your sales pitch so it is clear, direct and concise ? this will also ensure you are able to keep the sales conversation on your terms and it starts by qualifying the attendee you are dealing with, which brings us full circle ? do not waste your time and allocate time to those who are going to buy. One very effective technique is to give your qualified attendees a simple question ? do you want to go to the order desk or speak with a company representative to discuss this in more detail?

Source: You Don?t Need to Speak to Every Attendee!


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