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Building a Formidable Business Brand
2008-08-06 05:37:02

Developing a cool business brand isn't as easy as you would think. You can throw money at some problems, and they'll get fixed, but branding is different. You have to think outside the box, and be innovative, if you want to build a brand that'll stick. In this article let us take a peak at businesses that have managed to build the best brands, and the strategies they have used to make their branding happen. Google Google's spent approximately zero dollars on traditional media buying. You won't see their adverts in the middle of Friends, and nor will you find their adverts in page six of the The New York Times. Google's growth comes from providing a great service, grassroots support and public relations, and that helps to mould their branding efforts for their business. There are countless other examples of companies that have succeeded without spending a penny on media. Many people would argue that Google's strong brand comes from having great products and being willing to buck the trend with the way they run their business. Allen & Company Allen & Company is an investment bank with less than one hundred staff. They are known for shopping some of the web's hottest start-ups and getting big bucks for their effort. However, Allen & Co's approach to branding is slightly different than most. They don't have a website, they don't issue press releases and you won't find their adverts anywhere either. However, they have an excellent track-record for doing deals, and are often mentioned in the press when associated with the transactions they have participated in. Anyone looking for an investment bank to help them sell their internet business is likely to give Allen & Co a call. Not because they have came across their website, or because they seen their advert, but because they know they're a player that can get things done. An example of branding yourself as a business that's too cool to advertise. Burberry Burberry is a high-end fashion label with a tartan print that was associated with celebrity and prestigious - at one point at least. The print was worn by celebrities in the public eye, and this in-turn helped to drive mass-market appeal. Their approach to branding was to focus on social proof. However, as the brand managed to gain more and more market-share, this - for some people - killed the very essence of the brand. It was no longer for the elite. Some would say the success of Burberry has meant the death of the branding they worked hard to build. Others would say that it has catalysed its transformation into an accessible high street business. Apple Apple, to some people, is seen as they number two to Microsoft. However, unlike Microsoft, Apple customers are extremely loyal followers who are often willing to pay more to be associated with the brand. Apple prides itself on innovation, and often claims to be the first company to come up with an idea that others will follow. Apple, like Google, prefers to focus on products and in turn their customers and the press do most of their marketing for them. Apple also understands that product design forms an important role in how their business is perceived and exploits this to its full potential.

Source: Building a Formidable Business Brand


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