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Who is Robert Blackman?
2008-06-13 01:43:14

It is inspirational to look at a brilliant career of someone who really blazed a new trail in their field. Those are the kinds of leaders who show us all the way to success if we feel our field of expertise will be in the same area as that great leader. And in the area of MLM marketing, one of the real masters of the craft of bring in big wealth is Robert Blackman. Robert Blackman's path to greatness in his field came to him honestly through the example of his father. His dad was already very successful as the president of a business forms company in Oklahoma. But at the late age of 58, Robert's dad retired from that lucrative position to become an entrepreneur in the area of quick printing franchise operations. This was a powerful example to the young Robert Blackman because it really impressed his young mind that you can get out there and make your own path if you want to. Because his dad was not afraid to go out and do something bold and new at the age of 58, young Robert Blackman was given the gift of courage and the entrepreneurial mindset to go on to even more success in MLM marketing. This is not to say that the road was always easy for the young entrepreneur. Robert Blackman actually went bankrupt in 1990. But Robert Blackman always saw every negative situation as one that was loaded with potential profits. And he turned his focus to network marketing and by 1995 he was back in a six figure income. Currently Robert Blackman is a Fruta Vida distributor. This showed that the real wealth that Robert Blackman was tapping was not just financial, it was what was inside of him. It was the willingness to take chances, to see the world in terms of possibilities, not limitations and to always be discovering new income streams whenever they come along. Robert Blackman didn't just discover that it was more fun to be an entrepreneur, he discovered that it was by far more profitable to do so as well and has gone on to great success because of the aggressive and creative attitude he brings to everything he does. Like many in that small group who are true innovators and who blaze the trail for the rest of us, Robert Blackman has put together materials to share how we can tap the power of network marketing as he has done. When you think about, Blackburn is already a wealthy man from his on work in the MLM marketing arena. So his books, tapes and courses really represent that teacher's spirit in him that has that instinct to share with others the things he knows. Its easy enough to find resources online that will put a strong and diverse library of materials prepared by Robert Blackman that and help you and I start to learn how to follow him into wealth if we wish. Sure, there are some motivational materials in his books and tapes and truthfully, those are necessary because without that inner drive to succeed, its hard to get to your financial goals using MLM marketing. But the materials Robert Blackman has produced also have some concrete advice based on his real world experience in areas such as prospect development, use of direct mail for marketing, partner selection and development and how to dodge the mistakes that most often stop people from success. His background set him on a course to success. His success inspired him to teach and write and his materials have the potential of helping others achieve the same kind of success. That is just the kind of thing you would expect a Master of MLM to do.

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